Extensions available

There are a lot of available extensions in the async-graphql to empower your GraphQL Server, some of these documentations are documented here.


Available in the repository

The analyzer extension will output a field containing complexity and depth in the response extension field of each query.

Apollo Persisted Queries

Available in the repository

To improve network performance for large queries, you can enable this Persisted Queries extension. With this extension enabled, each unique query is associated to a unique identifier, so clients can send this identifier instead of the corresponding query string to reduce requests sizes.

This extension doesn’t force you to use some cache strategy, you can choose the caching strategy you want, you’ll just have to implement the CacheStorage trait:

fn main() {
extern crate async_graphql;
use async_graphql::*;
pub trait CacheStorage: Send + Sync + Clone + 'static {
    /// Load the query by `key`.
    async fn get(&self, key: String) -> Option<String>;
    /// Save the query by `key`.
    async fn set(&self, key: String, query: String);

References: Apollo doc - Persisted Queries

Apollo Tracing

Available in the repository

Apollo Tracing is an extension which includes analytics data for your queries. This extension works to follow the old and now deprecated Apollo Tracing Spec. If you want to check the newer Apollo Reporting Protocol, it’s implemented by async-graphql Apollo studio extension for Apollo Studio.

Apollo Studio

Available at async-graphql/async_graphql_apollo_studio_extension

Apollo Studio is a cloud platform that helps you build, validate, and secure your organization’s graph (description from the official documentation). It’s a service allowing you to monitor & work with your team around your GraphQL Schema. async-graphql provides an extension implementing the official Apollo Specification available at async-graphql-extension-apollo-tracing and Crates.io.


Available in the repository

Logger is a simple extension allowing you to add some logging feature to async-graphql. It’s also a good example to learn how to create your own extension.


Available in the repository

OpenTelemetry is an extension providing an integration with the opentelemetry crate to allow your application to capture distributed traces and metrics from async-graphql.


Available in the repository

Tracing is a simple extension allowing you to add some tracing feature to async-graphql. A little like the Logger extension.