Async-graphql is a GraphQL server-side library implemented in Rust. It is fully compatible with the GraphQL specification and most of its extensions, and offers type safety and high performance.

You can define a Schema in Rust and procedural macros will automatically generate code for a GraphQL query. This library does not extend Rust’s syntax, which means that Rustfmt can be used normally. I value this highly and it is one of the reasons why I developed Async-graphql.

Why do this?

I like GraphQL and Rust. I’ve been using Juniper, which solves the problem of implementing a GraphQL server with Rust. But Juniper had several problems, the most important of which is that it didn’t support async/await at the time. So I decided to make this library for myself.


Ensure that there is no CPU-heavy process in background!

cd benchmark
cargo bench

Now a HTML report is available at benchmark/target/criterion/report.